Open to all in the Caltech Campus, JPL & Affiliated Organizations
To promote friendship and empower women

We are a group of people who have a connection with Caltech in common. We are of different ages, races, nationalities, interests and lifestyles. Most of us are women, a few of us are men. Some of us have been here in Pasadena for years and others are just arriving. The CWC provides us all with a way to connect with our Caltech community. We were founded in 1916 as the Caltech Women's Club (CWC) and now we go by "the CWC" to reflect the modern Caltech community that we serve.

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Our goal is to promote friendship. The CWC has been active for over 100 years providing a venue for the diverse Campus, JPL and Caltech affiliated community to meet at social events, share interests in activity groups and provide community services to help our community. We welcome you to join the CWC!


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 There are lots of ways to get involved with the CWC; whether you have a few hours in your busy schedule or have space to spend more time. Check out all the options below and find something to do that works for you!

  • Come to an upcoming event
  • Join an activity group
  • Help with one of the CWC board teams