CWC Calendar

The CWC puts on social events, meet-ups, and programs. Our traditional Caltech Women's Club events include the Fall Gathering, Holiday Luncheon, and Spring Scattering. We hold monthly board meetings and quarterly workshops; everyone is welcome. Our Activity Groups and Community Services schedule meetings and events. Join us to make friends, share interests and help our community.

  • Tuesday, January 08, 2019 at 11:45 AM · 1 rsvp
    Beckman Institute Room 121 in Pasadena, CA

    Monthly Board Meetings


    ***CWC December monthly board meeting was rescheduled to TUESDAY, January, 8th***


    Monthly board meetings are planning sessions for the CWC teams to share progress, coordinate programming and work together. All members are welcome to attend. The officers and at least one representative from each team meet. Click here to learn more about the CWC board teams.

    New Format: At our November board meeting we voted to simplify the monthly board meeting in two ways:

    1. Change the lunch to a “brown bag” format where participants bring their own lunch, and

    2. Provide a video conference option so that people can attend remotely to accommodate various work/life situations. 

  • Wednesday, January 09, 2019 at 12:00 PM · 3 rsvps
    Athenaeum in Pasadena, CA

    Athenaeum Monthly Lunch


    Monthly lunches are a great time to get together to make new friends and keep in touch. 

    If you'd like to attend, please email events@cwccaltech.org or RSVP online by 5pm before the day of the lunch to reserve a space.

    You may bring cash to pay if you do not have an Athenaeum account.